Pump Station Success!

MR Excavator out of Kirtland, OH was tasked with the difficult installation of a deep concrete pump station on an ODOT Maintenance Facility in Cleveland, OH.  ICON equipment worked closely with the contractor as well as the consultants on this project and recommended the use of a 4 Sided Slide Rail Shoring System on this project due to the depth of excavation and the soil conditions which ruled out Conventional Trench Shields .  ICON’s Slide Rail System is an “Active” tight sheeting system versus a Trench Shield with corner pins that is a 4 sided shield and not an actively installed shoring system.   ICON’s Slide Rail System uses a dig and push method of installation and allows you to easily excavate and shore as you go deeper.  

“The Installation went quickly.  ICON dispatched one of our trained and proven Shoring Technicians on site to work with the contractors installation crew from start to finish which made the installation go off without a hitch.  We look forward to many more successful deep excavation projects in the Northeast Ohio area with this company as well as others in the future.” Said Tim Molinski, Midwest Shoring Consultant for ICON Equipment.