Big Project? No Problem


If you could take a two-month project, reduce it to one month and require half the manpower, how much money would you save? That is exactly what we have done for hundreds of customers who were using driven steel sheeting but could have used slide rail shoring instead as a clear alternative and effective economical solution. Sometimes, conventional sheeting is the answer. However, when slide rail systems can be used instead, you can save money using less equipment and less manpower while eliminating the need for vibratory hammers, cranes and specialty equipment. This means you can do more with less.

We understand that many of our customers own steel trench boxes, but not every project is in stable soil. When a project is more complex than just a hole in the ground and calls for a little something extra, this is where ICON’s solutions can be invaluable. We have worked on thousands of projects which range from small house connections to complicated pipe projects that are not only deep but have utility crossings, building surcharges and overhead restrictions as well.  Let our in- house P.E. engineering department design the perfect system for you with stamping in every state and certified professionals that specialize in underground shoring only, We provide outstanding service that the cookie-cutter, “any equipment you need” companies can’t.

As a Direct Manufacturer, we cut out the middleman and Save you Money