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ICON offers a full line of composite and wood matting systems for ground protection  and equipment support on all our customers projects.  Whether you are looking for matting systems needed for crane support, pipeline projects, temporary road access, trestle bridges or other unique applications we can supply your project with a matting product that meets the strictest industry standards, ensuring you a superior product every time.

ICON has partnered with some of the nation’s largest suppliers in the country to bring you the best products.  This also means that we can always provide competitive pricing, fast delivery and the best personalized customer service.

Composite MATS

ICON RENTS and SELLS Heavy Duty Flanged composite mats as well as Light Weight composite mats that do not even need a machine to handle.  These products will protect your expensive turf, provide access and traction over sand, mud and other difficult surfaces. Composite Mats are essentially access mats may that can be used for a variety of applications on construction, environmental and sensitive projects as Turf Protection & Rutting Prevention, Oil/Gas & Water Well Drilling, Temporary Access Roads, Utilities & Pipeline Construction, Work Platforms, Ground Protection, Construction Sites Staging Areas, ROW Mats, Environmental Containment, Heavy Haul and other Civil applications.

ICON Offers two types of composite Mats for our customers:

Light Weight Composite Mats

Perfect for those light and medium-duty jobs. Can be moved around manually with out the need for equipment or operators.  Its perfect for turf protection, rutting prevention, weight distribution and a myriad of other construction applications.  Made from HDPE, the Scout Mat will never rot and is extremely environmentally safe.  Spartan Scout Mat sections can be carried by 1-2 persons and positioned easily as required on a jobsite.  No special tools are required for installation or removal of the mats.

SIZE: 4’ x 8’ x ½” Thick – Weight: 88lbs

Heavy Duty Composite Flanged Mats

ICON has Several Types of Heavy duty flanged mats available that are rated up to 600PSI or better.  With minimal training, these types of mats are easily installed. With male and female flanged connections on all sides of the mat you as the user can decide the best layout.  Composite access mats don’t absorb water, like wood mats allowing them to be rinsed clean. Furthermore, because they interlock, they are less likely to allow spills to seep through to the ground.

SIZE: 14’ x 8’ x 4.25” Thick – Weight: 1050lbs

Wood Mats

Wood mats are used by the utility, construction and drilling industry to support the heaviest machinery and equipment the market has to offer. The Standard Rental Mat Lengths are 16, 20 and 24′ but can be up tot 40′ long for certain applications.  The strength of a wood mat comes from how is it built, the species of wood but primarily the thickness of the mat which can range from 3.5” to 18” thick depending on the application.  Loading and unloading of wood mats is generally done with a forklift, loader, excavator or crane onsite.  Shipping can be handled by outside carrier flat-bed truck or by train depending on the quantity ordered for rental or sale.

Timber Mats

Timber Crane mats are some of the most widely used matting products and have been used for decades in a variety of industries in the USA and Across the world.  There are several types of wood mats from Crane Mats, Dragline Mats, 3 Ply Mats and CLT Mats to name a few.  All these Mats are available for RENTAL, SALE wherever your project is located.

  • These wood products are made of mixed hardwood, Douglas Fir or Oak etc.
  • Standard Lengths: 12′, 14′, 16′, 18, 20′, 24′
  • Thickness from 6” to 18”
  • Lengths and Thickness can vary depending on the type you select for your project.  Example: Crane Mat versus 3 Play Mat