If I do not know who my territory salesman is, how do I find out?

You can call sales support (800) 836-5011 extension 148  and they will determine who your salesman is and give you their cell phone number.  They can also take your order over the phone if you know what you want.

When I call, what information should I have ready?

You should have:  the jobsite location, description of the job, length of pipes, diameter and sections, dimensions of the structure, duration of the projects, start date, soil conditions, machine type.  Instead of calling this in, you can also enter all of this information on the project inquiry form.

How do I establish credit?

A credit application is available online here.  Please fax the credit application back to our accounting department (fax:732-254-2772) and we will check your credit.  We will notify your salesman regarding the status and then you can order equipment.

Why would I need engineering?

O.S.H.A. regulations stipulate that any excavation over 20′ deep requires engineering.  For excavations less than 20′ deep, engineering depends on the authority that is involved with the job, and whether they require engineering.  If they don’t, O.S.H.A. Guidelines should be strictly followed from O.S.H.A. Standard 29 CFR 1926.650 – .653 Subpart P.

How do I order equipment? 

Ordering equipment is as simple as calling sales support at: (800) 836-5011 extension 148.  A sales confirmation is sent out with each quote.  If everything is in order, then sign and fax back the confirmation (fax:732-254-0101) and you are ready to set up delivery.

How do I set up delivery?

Delivery can be setup by calling: (800) 836-5011 extension 124.  You can pick up the equipment with your trucks, or we can deliver it with a common carrier.  If the items are lightweight enough to fit in the back of a pickup truck, we can deliver them with our ICON trucks or by other means.

What happens if the rented equipment is damaged at my jobsite? 

If the equipment is damaged and you are concerned about its suitability for use, contact ICON immediately for removal from the jobsite.  When the equipment gets back to ICON, after unloading the shipping manager documents the damage and he will notify the customer, then the engineer will determine the repair cost of the damage and it will be billed to your account.

How can I return the equipment?

When finished with a job, please call (800) 836-5011 extension 124.  Notify them that they need to pick up the equipment. Be advised though that until the phone call is placed and the confirmation is given, your equipment will stay on rent.