ICON Tunnel Systems Provides Unique Pilot Tube Microtunneling Equipment Solution for New Jersey Based Boring Contractor

12-ICON-1065-IMAG0734-4PRTabernacle, NJ- A New Jersey based horizontal auger boring contractor was in need of a pilot tube microtunneling machine for a number of underground utility projects. The contractor was not looking to purchase a new machine, but rather looking for a well-maintained used machine. ICON Tunnel Systems (ITS) was there with the solution, a refurbished Bohrtec BM400 pilot tube microtunneling machine.

In 2006, ITS had sold the BM400 Pilot Tube machine to a customer in Ames, Iowa. A few years later and with the economic slowdown gripping the Midwest, the contractor contacted ITS about reselling the machine for them due to a lack of projects.

ITS agreed to assist in brokering a deal to sell the BM400, later purchased by the New Jersey based auger boring contractor.

12-ICON-1065-IMAG0735-4PR“We value our customer’s business and try to help in every way possible to make them successful,” says David Crandall, Vice President of ICON Tunnel Systems. “In this case, we were able to assist in selling a piece of equipment from one customer to another, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

ITS also provided refurbishing and other custom-fabrication services once the equipment was back in their New Jersey location. ITS service technicians ran a thorough inspection on the BM400. With a large parts inventory and fabrication capabilities, they were able to replace a number of parts quickly and provided custom fabrication for the front and back jacking plates – and modified the machine’s legs based on the New Jersey contractor’s requirements. All the work was tested and completed in less than a week.

ITS also provided a tremendous cost-saving solution for powering the BM400, which was a direct hook-up from the BM400 to the contractor’s Barbco 36/42-350 auger boring machine, which had a sufficient hydraulic power pack.

“Typically you need a separate hydraulic power pack to provide power to a pilot tube microtunnling machine, which is a big expense,” says Crandall. “We recommended using the Barbco power pack to power both machines.”

By providing the refurbishing, in-house custom fabrication and overall expertise, ITS was able to save the contractor money and time on their project.

12-ICON-1065-IMAG0733-4PRSince 1982, ICON has steadily increased its market share and product offerings to become a full-service trench shoring and pilot-tube guided boring company. It is earning a reputation as the nation’s industry leader for underground construction projects. The company has the in-house resources to handle projects of any size across North America. ICON also offers a full range of services, such as consulting, design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution. The company also leases or rents equipment to organizations.

For more information about ICON Equipment, ICON Tunnel Systems and their products, please visit iconjds.com, www.icontunnelsystems.com or call 800-836-5011.