ICON equipment has been designing, manufacturing and renting temporary shoring solutions to the underground contractor since 1982. Our turnkey operations and expert staff will provide you with the best individualized customer service and give you the confidence and assurance that you need from start to finish. Our shoring consultants and territory managers will come to your jobsite, office or place of business for a pre-bid consultation to make sure you have the right equipment and the best solution. If you are looking to buy, rent or customize a piece of equipment for your underground job we have just what you need. We have expanded our product and service lines from trench shoring to a full line of engineered wood mats, pipeline mats and crane mats. Whatever your needs are from planning, pricing and installation to training, consulting and engineering, ICON is with you every step of the way.

Engineering and Design Services:

engineering1ICON provides engineering services for all our temporary shoring systems that are available for Rental and Sale to our customers. ICON’s engineering departments can provide our Standard Tabulated Data Sheets for our equipment or full-scale site-specific engineering services with a Professional Engineers stamp for your state if required. For special projects around live railroad tracks and large building structures we can provide E-80 loading and deflection calculations.

All we need to get started on your engineering project is a fax, email or hard copy of the site plans, structure plans including profile along with soil information logs or geotechnical borings. We then can devise an excavation shoring solution that will enable you to get the job done right, on time and on budget. Most Agencies and Owners accept digital P.E. Stamps now bit ICON can provide printed copies of large-scale drawings (11×17 or 24×36) and calculations for your excavation shoring system if needed within a reasonable timeframe and budget friendly cost structure.

While it would be cost prohibitive to hire a professional engineer in every state, ICON does have agreements with engineers in all 50 states that cover our stamping needs. This allows us to provide our customers with tailored engineered trench shoring services at any jobsite location and allows us to compete favorably with the largest trench shoring companies in the industry while still maintaining a family-owned environment.

Trench Shoring Equipment and Services

ICON’s trench shoring services go hand-in-hand with trench safety!

Trench shoring and excavation procedures are performed thousands of times a day across the United States. Unfortunately, however, trenching accidents claim the lives of about 60 people every year. It is incumbent upon contractors and construction laborers to understand the laws and regulations applicable to trenching and excavation occupations and know what types of trench boxes, trench shoring equipment and trench shoring services are available for any particular project. They should also understand the statutes that are in effect for the express purpose of protecting those who work in trench shoring and excavation situations.

ICON provides the necessary training, trench shoring equipment and trench safety precautions to ensure a safe and productive operation.

There are no second chances when a trench is not properly shored. ICON ensures trench safety precautions are followed when providing trench shoring services and trench box rental. Soil is an extremely heavy material and may weigh more than 100 pounds per cubic foot (pcf). A cubic yard of soil (3 ft x 3 ft x 3 ft), which contains 27 cubic feet of material, may weigh more than 2,700 pounds. That is nearly one and a half tons in a space less than the size of the average office desk. Wet soil, rocky soil or rock is even heavier. The human body cannot support such heavy loads without being seriously injured. ICON designs and supplies every slide rail system, steel trench box, aluminum trench box and hydraulic shoring equipment with this idea in mind so that we make sure our customers have the safest and highest quality shoring equipment in the industry today.

ICON has been a pioneer of trench shoring equipment and the first company in the USA to gain certain agency approvals of the Slide Rail Shoring System and method, eventually paving the way others. Over these years, we have engineered and supplied well over 12,000 slide rail and trench shoring systems to our customers.  We have consistently achieved setting new benchmarks for the trench shoring and trench safety industry through creativity, teamwork, and partnerships. One of these ideas is the innovative design of our slide rail system for trench and pit shoring that can be used as a very effective alternative to driven steel sheeting, wood lagging or other conventional methods of shoring a hole. Our customers have found our systems to have the following benefits, including:

  1. Shoring installation can be performed by an excavator and two laborers rather than traditional equipment and labor-intensive techniques.
  2. Our slide rail systems are pre-engineered, produced of high-grade materials and put through a strict quality control inspection to guarantee that what you pay for is what you get. Many conventional shoring methods such as wood often are installed “Not to Plan” and can result in some type of failure.
  3. Our slide rail systems are installed with a dig & push installation without the use of a hydraulic hammer. This virtually eliminates damage to property and surrounding infrastructure caused by vibration and driven sheeting. Our toeless design does not disturb the excavation subgrade.
  4. ICON customers have proven time and time again that our shoring systems can and have been successfully used on hundreds of installations during their useful lifetime and can outperform conventional sheeting methods that can have a limited number of re-uses on projects which can cost you more money over time.

ICON has the experience and resources to handle trench shoring projects of any size and in any location. ICON services a variety of contractors and utilities companies across the country and has even worked with international companies overseas.  As industry-leading trench shoring experts, we are uniquely qualified to provide you with field-tested and cost-effective solutions that provide uncompromised trench safety while meeting your specific needs and budget.



ICON Equipment is proud to offer the following Online Training Course in Partnership with 

You can take these wonderful comprehensive Online OSHA approved training classes in the comfort of your home, office, construction site trailer or virtually anywhere.  The program will even allow you to stop and start up again at your leisure.  At the completion of the course you will receive a E-Certificate solidifying the successful completion of the coarse that you can print out or keep on your with at all times.  Thank you for your attention and consideration of our Training Platforms. 

Trenching & Excavation for the Competent Person

$89.00 per person

eTraining’s Trenching & Excavation for the Competent Person course goes beyond the basic awareness level of introductory courses and into the details necessary to create a safe environment for workers, as outlined in OSHAs standard 29 CFR 1926.650.  It helps a competent person answer important job site questions like: Are there adequate means of access and egress?  Are adjacent structures stabilized?  Does the procedure require benching or multiple benchingShoringShielding?  Are means of egress from the cut, cavity, or depression no more than 25 ft from the work?

Registration Link: https://etraintoday.com/course-catalog/competent-person-series/trenching-excavation-competent-person-course/?referral=SWNvbiBFcXVpcG1lbnQ=

Trenching & Excavation Safety

$39.00 per person

The primary hazard from trenching and excavation is employee injury from collapse. Soil Analysis is important in order to determine appropriate sloping, benching, and shoring.  Additional hazards include working with heavy machinery; manual handling of materials; working in proximity to traffic; electrical hazards from overhead and underground power lines; and underground utilities like natural gas.

Registration Link: https://etraintoday.com/course-catalog/osha-training/trenching-excavation-safety-course/?referral=SWNvbiBFcXVpcG1lbnQ=

Confined Space Training

$20.00 per person

Do you work in or around confined spaces?  If so, our brand new Confined Space Entry course is waht you need.  This safety course will show you how to work in a confined space environment and identify hazards top maximize safety for you and those around you, as well as certify you under the OSHA Confined Spaces standard 29 CFR 1910.146

Registration Link: https://etraintoday.com/course-catalog/osha-training/confined-space-training/?referral=SWNvbiBFcXVpcG1lbnQ=


  1. Certifying a Competent Person in the area of trench shoring and trench safety is the sole responsibility of the employer. Completion of this program does not automatically make an individual a “Competent Person”. In order to be considered a “Competent Person”, the individual must be designated competent by his or her employer. When applied to trench shoring and excavation operations, the “Competent Person” must have specific training in and be knowledgeable about soil analysis, the use of protective systems, and requirements of the OSHA Excavation Standard. In addition, the “Competent Person” must implement requirements of the standard and have authority to take immediate action if trench safety hazards exist.
  2. OSHA Trenching and Excavation Standards