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plates1ICON offers our customers a very economical and effective solution as an alternative to more conventional and expensive methods of shoring. Our H-Beam and Steel Plate systems require design by a Registered Professional Engineer and are tailored to your specific jobsite criteria and soil conditions.

plates2Typically Steel H-Beam sizes available are 12” or 14” thick used in combination with 4’ or 8’ wide – 1” thick steel road plates to form 1, 2, 3 or 4 sided configurations for various types of wall, trench and pit excavations. Typical depths are going to range from 8’ to 20’ deep for this type of shoring. Additional internal steel waler beams or cross braces may be needed depending on the Engineered Plan and P.E. Design that is required.

H-Beam and Plate offers Versatility, Reliability and Strength

  • Less Vibration or No Vibration
    Limited amount of pieces to vibrate in the ground, or H-Beams can be pre-auger drilled to eliminate any vibration that may have been caused by other methods.
  • Fast and Easy Removal
    H-beams and plates can be removed by an excavator as you are backfilling.
  • Minimal Liquidation Costs
    Liquidation costs incurred from cutoffs and damaged sheet piling is minimized.
  • Dual Uses for your project
    The 1” thick steel road plates used to construct the shoring can be used for trench cover or as street plate in other areas on your project after the job is done