ICON Steel Road Plates are used by almost every construction company around the world for covering trenches, protecting roadways, concrete, turf or building temporary access roads and create staging areas.  Steel Plates can be used in shallow excavations as a vertical shoring in combination with Steel H-Piles, Pipe or Beams for applications such as retaining wall and residential foundations etc.

ICON Road Plates are available for RENTAL as well as NEW SALES.  Our Rental fleet that we maintain in multiple locations is in excess of 32,000 square feet of steel road plate and growing every year. When you rent from ICON Equipment your road plates can be rented with a centered and easy to use Lifting device that is reusable from plate which cuts down on potential pinch points and increases safety 100%.

Our experienced engineering department can provide P.E. stamped drawings and calculations for H-20 traffic loading as well as bridge decking designs for custom projects, if needed.

Available Size for Rental

NOTE: All Icon’s Steel Road Plates in our rental fleet are 1″ Thick

Size: 4′ x 10′   Weight: 1,634 pounds

Size: 5′ x 8′   Weight: 1,634 pounds

Size: 8′ x 10′   Weight: 3,267 pounds

Size: 8′ x 12′   Weight: 3,920 pounds

Size: 8′ x 15′   Weight: 4,901 pounds

Size: 8′ x 20′   Weight: 6,534 pounds


Plate Locks, an American manufactured product, are a direct replacement to using cold patch asphalt or flush mounting the plate. They are intended to reduce costs, work zone accidents, injuries and contractor liabilities by consistently marking, identifying and securing road construction plates. Plate Locks safety orange colored road plate ramps are placed around the perimeter of the road plate and mechanically fastened to the roadway with concrete anchors.

*40’ kit includes – 8 – 5’x6” Plate Locks, 3 – ¼” Plate Shims,
3 – ½” Plate Shims, 3 – ¾” Plate Shims,
24 – 3/8”x5” THD anchors with washers

**30’ kit includes – 6 – 5’x6” Plate Locks, 3 – ¼” Plate Shims,
3 – ½” Plate Shims, 3 – ¾” Plate Shims, and
18 – 3/8”x5” THD anchors with washers

  • Icon Plate Locks Securing System Brochure

  • Consistently marks, identifies and secures. No disposal of hazardous materials.

  • Eliminates shifting, walking and creeping of plate. Low maintenance.

  • Does not need to be removed to allow for work or inspections to be done.

  • Safety orange, re-usable, recyclable, cost effective. No clean-up and easy to transport.

  • Keeps multiple plates aligned and removes gaps that a cyclist’s tire can fall through.

  • Have a higher and lower working temperature than cold mix.

  • Overall a significant risk elimination of general liability claims from shredded tires, cars in trench, trips, slips, and falls.