About Steel Trench Boxes: ICON offers the most advanced line of Steel Trench Shielding products available on the market today. Our shields are proudly MADE IN THE USA and are designed and manufactured by ICON Equipment at our main factory in East Brunswick, NJ. All our steel products are manufactured with grade 50 steel utilize full penetration welding throughout the design. All our products are designed and certified by a Registered Professional Engineer to meet or exceed OSHA Standards. Custom Lengths, Heights and Widths are available and can be designed by request.

The standard shields are available with 3” to 8” thick walls in a full array of heights and lengths. Our comprehensive line of trench shields that we offer include economical Single-Wall Shields for less extreme lateral pressures, specially designed Manhole Shields and the popular heavy-duty Double-Wall Shields. Icon can also offer you complete customizable capabilities for all trench shields that can meet your specific project needs.

ICON Trench Shields offer Increased Strength and durability which adds money to your bottom line.  Some Standard features for our designs are below:

  • Contractor Friendly Reinforced Top Header
    Designed with Impact Durability and made of double stacked rectangular tubing and a heavy flat bar.
  • Thru-Wall Spreader Sockets
    Penetrate end vertical supports for added strength and durability.
  • Combination/Flat Stacking and Knife Edge
    This allows you as a contractor the most flexibility for stacking boxes and protects the Knife Edge or Cutting edge.
  • Easy-Access Lifting Eyes and Stacking Points
    For ease or Handling, Lifting, Pulling and Stacking.